Frequently Asked Questions

Why a 100% online degree from the University of Mount Olive?

As a regionally-accredited, faith-based, private institution, the University of Mount Olive creates an environment for individuals to achieve maximum success, placing the priorities of students above all else. Committed professors, engaged students, and small class sizes are components of their holistic learning approach to foster personal and professional growth.

Who will teach the online courses?

Online courses are taught by some of the best-known faculty in their fields. Most students develop strong relationships with their instructors, and often credit their successful online education experience to those relationships.

Is financial assistance available for online students?

Yes, financial aid services and support are available to prospective students of the online programs. Making college as affordable as possible is one of our primary goals at the University of Mount Olive. Simply follow the steps outlined in the Tuition & Fees page, or submit a request for more information and a representative will contact you to help determine if you qualify.

What are the computer requirements for online students?

Our online platform is compatible with Mac or PC operating systems. Your admissions counselor can help verify that your system meets the necessary software requirements for our online programs. In order to participate in classes, you should have regular access to the Internet and email, as well as, be familiar with creating, formatting, and attaching Microsoft Word documents.

Can you tell me which (if any) of my previous courses will transfer?

Yes. UMO students benefit from generous transfer credit policies, so they can earn a degree quickly and affordably. To determine the transferability of prior coursework, please submit an unofficial copy of all transcripts from previously attended institutions to your admissions counselor. They will provide you with a tentative evaluation of transferability and explain how each course may potentially transfer in, so that you can make an informed decision regarding your education.

Will I have scheduled time for online courses?

At UMO, all online courses are asynchronous. Your course is conducted according to a schedule outlined in your course syllabus, but there are no scheduled, “live” classes to attend. Lectures, coursework, and discussions all take place at your convenience, allowing you to choose when and where to work on your studies.