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The RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program expands your clinical skills through a foundation of the liberal arts, sciences, and humanities.

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Designed as a convenient and affordable option for active and unencumbered licensed registered nurses, you can earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing in an environment that values the experience of an RN and accommodates the hectic schedule of a busy adult.

The RN to BSN program consists of three sections:

General Education

Major Core Requirements

Community Nursing Experience


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The RN to BSN degree program at the University of Mount Olive is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 887-6791.

The University of Mount Olive is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award the associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of the University of Mount Olive.

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Potential Career Options


  • Leadership
  • Educator
  • Charge Nurse
  • Graduate Education

“I chose UMO’s RN-BSN program because I needed to participate in an online program that would allow me to work full-time, and that would also allow me to be at home as much as possible to spend quality time with my family.”

Amanda Kress, RN-BSN Student


Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, you must have the following:

  • Associate degree or diploma in nursing from a regionally accredited institution
  • Active and unencumbered RN license that is recognized by the State of NC and other compact states
  • Have the ability to obtain official transcripts from all previously attended institutions

In order to sign up for online classes at UMO, you must have regular access to the Internet and email, as well as, be familiar with creating, formatting, and attaching Microsoft Word documents.

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Degree Course Requirements

Degree total credit hours
General education semester-credit hours
RN to BSN Major semester-credit hours
Maximum transfer credits hours allowed.

Program Course Details

RN to BSN Courses

NUR 300 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing (3 sh)

An introductory online course that is designed to aid the RN to BSN student on how to  improve their critical thinking, research, and communication skills to the baccalaureate level. Students will develop strategies for achieving educational goals that will help them be successful in the undergraduate program as well as in their professional development. Students will also be introduced to the College library and databases, APA formatting (which is necessary for all their core major courses), plagiarism and paraphrasing exercises, and learn how to access all their resources successfully.

Prerequisite: RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 320 Introduction to Nursing Leadership (3 sh)   

This introductory course introduces the RN to BSN student to the basic principles of leadership in nursing. The management of people and tasks within the healthcare environment, such as teaching assistive personnel the requirements of ensuring security of patient’s medical information and professional ethics, will be explored through the effects of leadership theory. Emphasis is placed on a humanistic model for teaching and learning that stresses interpersonal communication as an essential component of nursing and leadership.

Prerequisite: NUR 300; RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 330 Law and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals (3 sh)

This introductory course examines the principles of healthcare law and the U.S. legal system including: Organizations, documentation, privacy, security, release of health information, liability, consent, malpractice, major ethical theories, ethical decision making models, patients’ rights, confidentiality, informed consent, professional relationships, and allocation of scarce resources.

Prerequisite: NUR 300; RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 340 Transcultural and Global Nursing (3 sh)

This course explores current social and cultural issues in healthcare including the effects of societal pressures, cultural influences, spirituality, World religions, and diversity on healthcare. In addition, a historical overview of healthcare systems in other countries around the World will be examined including: issues of cost, quality and access, as well as trends such as, cultural diversity, demographic shifts, economics, technological influences and ethical issues impacting healthcare delivery. The student will gain the essential understanding of the continuum of care and examine the impact of integrated delivery systems on care delivery processes and patient outcomes. Spiritual care of patients will be addressed utilizing case scenarios.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330; RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 360 Health Policy and Issues in Nursing (3 sh)

This course analyzes the impact of healthcare policy implementation on the nurse’s role in patient care and overall profession. A basic overview of the process of policy implementation and historical trends will be introduced to assist the student understanding the framework of today’s health policy.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330; RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 440 Community Health Nursing (3 sh)

This course will provide students with opportunities to develop a holistic view of the biopsychosocial needs of individuals and multi-problem families in the community. Emphasis is on meeting the health needs of patients in different environmental settings. Students will complete a Community Nursing Observation Experience with a Collaborative Mentor who works in a Community Nursing role, and a Windshield Survey of their local community where they will complete a Community Needs Assessment that can be utilized as the subject for their evidence based practice capstone project proposal. Spiritual care of patients will be addressed utilizing case scenarios.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330; RN to BSN Major Only; Corequisite: NUR 340, 360

NUR 480 Professional Role Development (3 sh)

This course focuses on the ongoing challenges of self-improvement as a professional. An examination of the impact of continuing education, professional organizations, and certifications on the quality of nursing care will be examined. Students will identify career aspirations and pathways to achieve short and long term professional goals.

Prerequisite: NUR 300; RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 455 Nursing Theory (3 sh)

This course will provide an introduction to the nature of scientific explanation and inquiry as it relates to nursing. Origins and strategies for theory development in nursing will be examined in terms of importance in guiding the development of the profession. Nursing theory will be analyzed as a foundation for nursing practice and research.

NUR 465 Applied Statistics for Nursing (3 sh)

This introductory course on statistical concepts emphasizes applications to health care professions. The course is designed to prepare students to interpret and evaluate statistics and statistical methods used in published research papers and to make decisions about the appropriateness of specific statistical methods in a variety of settings. Students will learn how to formulate and ask the right questions, how to collect data effectively, how to summarize and interpret information, and how to understand the limitations of statistical inferences.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330, 340, 360, 440; RN to BSN Major Only

NUR 475 Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice (3 sh)

This course focuses on the critical analysis of nursing and health care research and its application to nursing education, nursing practice, and the delivery of health care services. Emphasis is placed on strategies to access current and relevant data, synthesize the information, and translate new knowledge to practice. Ethical issues in the design and conduct of research are addressed.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330, 340, 360, 440, 445, 455, 465; RN to BSN Major Only;

Corequisite: NUR 495

NUR 485 Introduction to Nursing Research (3 sh)

This course promotes the use of research findings as a basis for improving clinical practice. Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies are presented. Emphasis is on the critical review of research studies and their applications to clinical practice. An overview of evidence-based practice is provided.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330, 340, 360, 440, 445, 455, 465; RN to BSN Major Only;

Corequisite: NUR 495

NUR 495 Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal (3 sh)

The Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Project Proposal is a faculty-guided scholarly capstone experience that provides evidence of critical thinking and the ability to apply the principles of evidence based practice through a proposed project. In addition, the student will work with a Collaborative Nursing Mentor from the discipline of nursing they wish to explore with their proposed project. The proposal will include: An overview of the problem and its significance to that discipline in nursing, a review of significant literature to support the project, and the proposed methodology/intervention. All students will complete their CITI Training as a Primary Investigator (PI), and submit their IRB application. This will position the RN to BSN student to implement their proposed project upon graduation.

Prerequisite: NUR 300, 320, 330, 340, 360, 440, 445, 455, 465; RN to BSN Major Only;

Corequisite: NUR 475, 485

General Elective: 18 semester-credit hours

A general elective is 18 semester credit hours in any course combination that matches your interest.

Ask an admissions counselor about how you can receive up to 45 semester-credit hours for prior nursing courses!

A degree you can afford.

Tuition & fees:

  • $440 per semester-credit hour
  • Active duty military pricing: $214 per semester credit hour
  • No application fee
  • No technology fee
  • $50 confirmation deposit applied toward tuition

Students in the Online Program at the University of Mount Olive benefit from generous transfer credit policies.

  • $14,080 for students transferring in 94 credits
  • $22,000 for students transferring in 76 credits
  • $31,240 for students transferring in 55 credits

Tuition Fees Based On Incoming Tuition Credits
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Financial Aid Breakdown of Online Students*

Pell Grants
Subsidized Loan
Unsubsidized Loan
North Carolina Need Based Scholarship

*Percentage of total students with valid FAFSA who attended either Fall or Spring semester at least half time and submitted a valid 2015/2016 FAFSA. Eligibility for Unsubsidized Direct Loans is 100% as long as the student has not exhausted their lifetime limits. Numbers in the chart included students who may have declined this fund.

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